How To: Airbrush a custom Halo 3 Xbox

Airbrush a custom Halo 3 Xbox

In this how to video, you will learn how to airbrush your Xbox with a Halo 3 design. First, take apart your console. Next, wrap the bottom half with paper to mask it. Next, spray the exposed are with white. Mask the bottom half area again, leaving more unpainted areas exposed. Spray paint and repeat one more time. Next, go over the console with yellow paint. Next, print out an image of Master Chief. Cut it out and then take the outside area to use as a mask on the console. Spray paint accordingly. Next, cut out areas of the image so that you can mask certain areas of the character. Now use these pieces as masks and paint the console. Carefully peel off the paper once this is done. Make any touch ups with an air brush. This can include highlights and shading. From here, you can add the color to the character. Choose whichever color you like. Next, cut out a mask of the Halo 3 logo. Apply it to the console and paint it a color of your choice. Carefully peel off the mask. Add highlights for a glowing effect. You can also add lines of energy with the spray paint. Once this is done, you have finished painting the console.

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